Tuesday, 12 May 2015


We organized  live concert program at school on Friday, 8 May 2015.The concert was organized within the project, the students sang beautiful songs from each other. 350 students participated in the concert enjoyed themselves.Comenius projects they've worked on, "Hey Brother" and other songs and sang parts of the song.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


We organized the "Comenius Day" at our school wednesday, Apr 29. Our teachers and students in the project  prepared that "day". The students made presentations about the project. They made presentations about the aim, objectives, competences of the Comenius Project and project partners schools.Then, they provide information key competencies about the topics and areas of study. They informed about the study visit organized by the city Hannover, Germany in February. Kubra and Batuhan made presentations about their activities in Hanover.They shared with colleagues their experiences about the school, city, differences and similarities. He said he was very pleased with there, this city is different aspects of our cit. They are still talking with friends they met. Students sing a song "Hey Brother"  then ended with songs and treats.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


 Wparticipated in project meeting  together with a group of teachers and students from our school. We visited to study partner school  Südstadtschule which located in the city of Hannover, Germany. We were very excited and we were wondering how the work now. Südstadtschule's administrators, teachers and students welcomed us very warmly.

Our students enjoyed to meet with students from other partner schools and spending time and in activity together.They worked on to find different solutions to the identified mathematical problems and discussion together, prepared the statistics of the survey and made the presentation. previously they practiced survey of music habits.They prepared the presentation of the music video ratings and statistics which is called "hey brother" song that they sang this song together, loaded and  published on you tube previously.They did group work and presentations as discussed the similarities and  differences between partner schools. They enjoyed and learnt while these studies and presentations in cooperation, also they improve their English language skills

During these activities, students also had the opportunity to obtain sightseeing important places of Hannover. First of all,we visited to Mayoralty of Hanover.  The Mayor's deputy gave information  history of the mayoral building. He told history and function of the building , gave information about the activities. They did an interview with the reporter about  work of the project. We visited historical and natural  important buildings and places  in the center of the city .And we  went to the bowling alley together. We ate dinner in the  restaurant  by run Turks living in Germany.

The farewell evening was fun for us. Because the families served a variety of foods that prepared at home. Especially  Turkish families prepared cuisine and Turkish tea  for us, we were happy.We are grateful for everything in Hannover, thank you...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Our Visit to Anitkabir as Turkey Comenius Team

We had a school trip to Anitkabir. It is the mausoleum of Ataturk who was the founder of Turkish Republic. We all have e big respect and love for Ataturk and  occasionally have visits on important dates of Turkey's salvation from Ottoman Empire. We all took a garland and a banner of our project's title.